Turkish Delight

BMW International trawled the world to find a handful of BMW owners to feature in a series of documentaries. They narrowed the final list down to five of us from different countries
USA, South Africa, Germany, Italy and me the British contender. They have filmed each of the owners in their home country, whilst I was filmed roughing it on the road in my typical fashion in the wilds of Turkey.
The other interesting angle is that I am the sole representative of the Beemer motorcycle world - yes, that's right, the rest of them are car owners.
It will be a bit of a Tiffany does a "Charlie and Ewan" as I'll have a crew of eleven following my every move, although as the director said,
"We won't need a security consultant, as Tiffany is a self defence instructor and provides her own protection"

I did warn them that they will need a Four Wheel Drive vehicle to keep up with me.


I was flown out to Turkey in March 2010 and had a great week, being filmed, although having cameras pointed at me 24 hours a day took some getting used to.

The documentary is available on YouTube.

see the pictures.