I Dropped Her

Just to prove there are some bridges in Madagascar

It was a day of dirt and sand, the hours went by and the heat built up- I got tired and the inevitable happened

Suzi had a lie down

I had a few attempts at heaving her back up

In the end I had to take the bags off.

I liked the look of this burnt tree

The ultimate shadow puppet

The sand turned to dirt and I out on a bit of speed, I was hoping to reach a town for the night so that I could have a beer,

Note to self - I've got to stop pulling the Daisy Duck face when I'm riding

and then there it was, one more river to cross (I crossed four in total today, but I thought you wouldn't appreciate too many river crossings!)

these guys just really didn't seem to know what they were doing. So I showed them pictures on my camera from other pirogue crossings and so they started to rope these two together

They went a bit more fancy than Suzi and I are used to, with large poles holding the two pirogues together